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Every single day, our body is taking on loads and loads of physical stress that we often shrug off and/or overlook. As a former gymnast and victim of the restaurant and bar industry, now doubling as a gymnastics coach and kickboxing instructor, it is imperative for me to take care of my body as much as possible.

Keep this in mind: stress is like junk food – too much of it can eventually make you “sick.”

Your body is your temple, your permanent home, but it can also be your vacation, or your happy place. I believe there is good physical stress and not-so-good physical stress, although, both are stressful on the body no matter which way you look at it. So, in order for your body to feel good and not fall victim to the loads of physical stress, there are 3 key things I feel are super helpful in combating physical stress on the body.


 1. Check-in with yourself daily and notice how your body feels. Do you need rest? Have you done too much? Have you done too little? Where does your body need more attention? Are you anxious? Restless? Sore? In pain? – knowing the answer to these questions are a powerful way to help you combat physical stress because it gives you the opportunity to focus on giving your body the proper care.

2. Don’t underestimate the power of REST & RECOVERY – a little R + R never hurt nobody, in fact, it’s necessary! This doesn’t mean you have to sit around and do nothing when it comes to rest. There is such a thing as active rest, like doing some restorative yoga or light stretching, some mobility work, or even a light/low intensity workout. Recovery techniques range anywhere from taking an epsom salt bath to foam rolling or getting a deep tissue massage (totally my jam!). Simple, effective, and useful (not just when you need it).

3. Fuel your body with high quality nutrients, and also, high quality connections to fight against toxins and stress. Our “food,” and not just the food on our plate, is a major component in combatting physical stress, as well as emotional stress. If a car has little to no gas, a bummed tire, and is severely overdue on an oil change, do you think it’s going to run good or perform well for you? Most likely not. Eventually what will happen is you’ll end up spending a buttload of money to fix the damages which were a result of pure neglect. Your body is just like a car. It needs proper fuel to function, and some love and attention on a regular basis to prevent stress taking on other forms.

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