2021 Worlds Qualifications – Day 1 Discussion Thread

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Quick Notes:

  1. Fantastic schedule built out by BBS.
  2. There will also be a live chat once quals kicks off in a few hours for those that prefer a chat format. We will link it here once it goes live. Live Chat Link.
  3. Streaming! See this great comment re. days 1 & 3, as well as the German subs. Otherwise we're kind of shooting blind. See this link for Japanese Stream Day 1
  4. A few people have asked – the predictions posts we did during the olympics will be back! /u/pja314 will post the first one once women's quals have ended, with a slow rollout for men and then events after quals day 3 finishes. There have been a few changes in how they work, and the post will include that info.

Live Scoring Link

Presumably the usual sources will all have live blogs if you can't watch live/want quick hits. BBS, Gymcastic, Gymternet, Inside Gymnastics, etc.

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